The Intelligent Software Laboratory

Department of Computer Science and Communications Engineering

Waseda University, Japan

Toshiharu Sugawara

Current Position


Department of Computer Science and Communications Engineering

Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

Waseda University


3-4-1 Okubo, Shinjuku,
Tokyo 169-8555, Japan

sugawara 'at'

Research Topics (研究分野)

My research interests are mainly in AI, especially in multi-agent systems and the Internet.

    • Multi-agent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, autonomous agents

    • Machine learning (especially learning in multi-agent systems)

    • Intelligent control among autonomous systems such as cooperation, coordination, and conflict resolution

    • Autonomous (re)organization, structuring, learning and emergence of norms

    • Multi-agent simulation

    • Emergence and learning of behavioral norms on complex networks

    • Agent planning and learning

    • Cooperative distributed problem solving

    • Swarm intelligence such as ACO/PSO

    • Internet operation, management, and control (as applications of multi-agent systems)


  • マルチエージェントシステム・分散人工知能・自律エージェント

  • 機械学習(特にマルチエージェントシステムにおける学習)

  • 協調、調整、競合解消など自律システム間の知的制御

  • 自律的(再)組織化、構造化、規範の学習・創発

  • マルチエージェントシミュレーション

  • 複雑ネットワーク上の行動規範の創発・学習

  • エージェントプランニング・学習

  • 分散協調問題解決

  • ACO/PSOなどの群知能

  • インターネット運用・管理・制御(マルチエージェントシステムの応用として)